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Introducing Hunter
Guaranteed to deliver the strength, clarity and performance boosts required to dominate the competition.
Our policy of transparency means you can see exactly what makes up our scientifically-optimised blends.
Only the very best natural and 100% non-GMO ingredients, backed by clinical studies, make the Hunter grade.
Enhance your body and mind with Hunter
You worked hard
for all you have
It can take years of back-breaking work to achieve success. And it's clear you have the drive to reach and exceed your goals.
...But sometimes it's not easy
No doubt you thrive on pressure. But as you get older, it takes a little more effort to hit the high levels of performance you demand of yourself and others around you.
And with colleagues or family counting on you to stay sharp, you don't want to take any chances with your health or performance.
If only there was something to help you maintain that edge...
Hunter Range
Introducing Hunter
Hunter is a brand-new range of premium supplements designed for you the successful man who demands more.
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Demand the best
Looking at the myriad of supplements available, plus all the conflicting advice, how can you be expected to identify what is right for you? Maybe you’ve tried other supplements, only to be disappointed with the results. We understand your pain. We were once exactly in your shoes.
It's why we launched Hunter – our premium suite of supplements. Each individually designed, refined and formulated to deliver exactly the benefits you're looking for. Every Hunter product is backed by the latest scientific research and reinforced by our 90-day guarantee.
Even better, Hunter is designed to be combined to really leverage results. No more worries that mixing your supplements is counterproductive or even unsafe. Hunter: Specifically formulated to meet the demands of today’s man.
Hunter Range
How Hunter satisfies your needs
We understand you're a busy guy. And you don't want to waste your time on supplements that threaten your health or don't give you the results you want.
With this in mind, our experts hone every part of each Hunter formula to deliver everything they promise.
The Hunter Suite
At Hunter, we focus on the finer details. In fact, our experts fine-tune each ingredient, dose and serving size to keep you safe, fit, and ready to face any challenge that comes your way.
Hunter is dosed for premium performance. Here’s the proof:
Premium Testosterone Booster
Contains 5000IU of vitamin D3 - the ideal dose to reverse low levels of the nutrient [1]. As a lack of Vitamin D lowers testosterone [2]. Hunter Test helps restore your hormones to normal, healthy levels.
Premium Fat Burner
Uses green tea which can raise your metabolism by 35% [3]. But for even more fat-burning power, the matcha green tea in Hunter Burn is three times more potent than the strongest of the more common types [4].
Premium Nootropic
Contains a unique, all-natural blend of cognitive enhancers. Expertly formulated to promote concentrated focus, boosted mood and clear thinking in pressurized situations.[5]
Want to gain and maintain an edge in everything you do?
See what other successful men think of the Hunter suite.
Ready to reach your true potential?
Here's the answer: Hunter
We designed Hunter for the man who craves more than just average performane. Because like you, we want the best.
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Premium Ingredients
Each Hunter product uses the highest-grade ingredients – each one backed by tireless research. And as our experts leave nothing to chance, you can be sure we deliver everything we promise.
Clinically Dosed
Every single ingredient in every Hunter product is clinically dosed in the USA and UK for YOUR needs.
Powerful results, but no side effects
Whereas some rival products use unsafe or undertested ingredients, Hunter gives you results you can see and feel – with no adverse side effects.
Relentless energy, drive and focus
The Hunter suite gives you the tools to become the leader in every room.
Premium Testosterone Booster
Boost testosterone, protect your health and raise your game in every area of your life.
Premium Fat Burner
Burn fat, boost your confidence and command more respect.
Premium Cognition System
Stay sharp, focused and in control at work, at home, or on the road.
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